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Tableaux for Exact Entailment (Presentation)

Johannes Korbmacher
Publication year: 2018

I develop a tableau method for the logic of exact entailment described in (Fine and Jago 2017). (Handout.)

Logic for Free Choice Permission

PresentationsUnpublished Article/Draft
Albert Anglberger and Johannes Korbmacher
Publication year: 2018

We develop a logic of permission that includes the Free Choice Permission Postulate, which states that P(AvB) entails PA & PB, without running into any of the standard problems associated with that.

Handout, Slides

Elusive Knowledge Hyperintensionalized (Presentation - with Janneke van Lith)

Janneke van Lith and Johannes Korbmacher
Presented at GAP.10, University of Cologne, September 20, 2018
Publication year: 2018

We show how to modify Lewis’s Relevant Alternatives Theory (RAT) to deal with hyperintensional issues, such as knowledge of logic, mathematics, and interesting failures of closure.